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For more fast delivery, please utilize the proposed or regarded metropolis names When feasible for this ZIP Code™.

a mark put on a letter in a post Business office, displaying the date and spot of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp. The postmark go through `Beirut'. posstempel خَتْم البَريد печат carimbo poštovní razítko der Poststempel poststempel ταχυδρομική σφραγίδαmatasellos postitempel مهر پست postileima cachet de la posteחותמת דואר मोहर, छाप poštanska marka postabélyegző cap pos póststimpill timbro postale 消印 소인 pašto antspaudas pasta zīmogs cap pos postmerkpoststempelstempel pocztowy د پسته خانه مهر carimbo ştampilă poştală почтовый штемпель poštová pečiatka žig poštanska oznaka poststämpel ตราประทับบนไปรษณียภัณฑ์ posta damgası 郵戳 поштовий штемпель ڈاک کي مہر dấu bưu điện 邮戳

occupation, line of work, occupation, business enterprise, line - the principal exercise in your lifetime that you simply do to earn revenue; "he is not in my line of organization"

British either of two armed service bugle calls (first post and very last post) ordering or offering notice of enough time to retire for the evening

There are occasions when HTTP GET is considerably less suitable even for details retrieval. An illustration of This really is when a substantial amount of knowledge would wish to be specified in the URL. Browsers and Website servers might have limits on the length of the URL that they can take care of with no truncation or mistake. %-encoding of reserved characters in URLs and query strings can noticeably raise their size, and although Apache HTTP Server can deal with nearly four,000 figures within a URL,[five] Microsoft Net Explorer is limited to 2,048 characters in almost any URL.

Within the 20th century, supermarkets had been born. Supermarkets introduced with them a self support method of purchasing making use of purchasing carts, and have been in a position to supply top quality food at decrease cost as a result of economies of scale and reduced staffing expenses.

advantage food - any packaged dish or food that could be well prepared speedily and simply as by thawing or heating

Some cultures and folks tend not to take in meat or animal food products and solutions for cultural, dietary, well being, moral, or ideological reasons. Vegetarians opt to forgo food from animal resources to different degrees. Vegans will not consume any foods which might be or incorporate substances from an animal source.

By layout, the POST ask for strategy requests that an online server accepts the info enclosed in the human body with the request concept, most probably for storing it.[one] It is frequently employed when uploading a file or when distributing a finished Internet form.

transfer - go from 1 put to a different; "transfer the info"; "transmit the information"; "transfer the affected individual to a different clinic"

The material is ingested by an organism and assimilated via เบิร์นไขมัน the organism's cells to provide Power, keep lifetime, or encourage growth.

Thesaurus: synonyms and linked terms Shifting properties & shifting asylum seeker deinstitutionalize diaspora downsize downsizing immigrant immigration migrant migrate migration go forward mover elimination removalist remover resettle resettlement settle stake adhere See additional outcomes »

, about the substantial degree of dioxins in community Females’s breast milk and about local studies suggesting a drop in regional children’s IQ stages. — Jason Horowitz, New York Periods

[ C ] a vertical stick or pole stuck into the ground, generally to guidance a little something or show a place

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